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Business Name Business Category Business URL
11th hour designs Apparel and Accessories www.butlerbag.ca
Aldo Shoes Apparel and Accessories www.aldoshoes.com
Ambler Mountain Works Apparel and Accessories www.amblermountainworks.com
Ample Mama Maternity Apparel and Accessories www.amplemama.ca
Baby Planet Boutique Apparel and Accessories www.babyplanetboutique.com
Bridal Shoes Canada Apparel and Accessories www.bridalshoesca.com
Browns Shoes Apparel and Accessories www.brownsshoes.com
Bruzer Sportsgear Apparel and Accessories www.bruzer.com
Budget Diamonds Online Apparel and Accessories www.budgetdiamondsonline.com
Cat N Rose Jewelery Apparel and Accessories www.catnrose.com
Cyberites Systems Apparel and Accessories www.cyberites.com
Empire Online Apparel and Accessories www.thinkempire.com
Eveningsecrets Apparel and Accessories www.eveningsecrets.com
Fashioncan.com Apparel and Accessories www.fashioncan.com
Feetfirst Shoes Apparel and Accessories www.feetfirstshoes.com
Flip Design Apparel and Accessories www.flipdesign.ca
Flora and Fauna Designs Apparel and Accessories www.floraandfaunaboutique.ca
Free Ride Board Shop Apparel and Accessories www.freerideboardshop.com
Getoutside Shoes Apparel and Accessories www.getoutsideshoes.com
Globo Shoes Apparel and Accessories www.globoshoes.com
Gongshow Gear Apparel and Accessories www.gongshowgear.com
HOUSE OF BANDS Apparel and Accessories www.houseofbands.com
Harry Rosen Inc. Apparel and Accessories www.harryrosen.com
Imzadi Apparel Apparel and Accessories www.imzadistyle.com
Island Snow Apparel and Accessories www.islandsnow.ca
JennsJeans.com Apparel and Accessories www.jennsjeans.com
La Senza Lingerie Apparel and Accessories www.lasenza.com
Life's a Beach... Apparel and Accessories www.lifesabeachonline.ca
Little Burgundy Shoes Apparel and Accessories www.littleburgundyshoes.com
Magasin Latulippe Apparel and Accessories www.latulippe.com
MiaMelon.com Apparel and Accessories www.miamelon.com
My Aunt Elephant Apparel and Accessories www.myauntelephant.com
ROOTS CANADA LTD. Apparel and Accessories canada.roots.com
SK8 Clothing Apparel and Accessories www.sk8clothing.com
Safety Super Store Apparel and Accessories www.babyproofingplus.com
Sharpdeals Apparel and Accessories www.balancebracelet.ca
Simply Colors Apparel and Accessories www.simplycolors.ca
Sitaragem Corporation Apparel and Accessories www.sitaragem.com
Social Evil Inc Apparel and Accessories www.socialevil.com
Stylefly Inc. Apparel and Accessories www.stylefly.ca
Transit Shoes Apparel and Accessories www.transitshoes.com
Trendshop.ca Apparel and Accessories www.trendshop.ca
Underworld Apparel and Accessories www.underworld-shop.com
Valerie Dumaine Inc. Apparel and Accessories www.valeriedumaine.com/en.htm
Wedding Style Apparel and Accessories www.weddingstyle.ca
Wonderland Avenue Apparel and Accessories www.wonderlandavenue.com
CSTD Associations and Coalitions www.cstd.ca
Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Associations and Coalitions www.csep.ca
Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy Associations and Coalitions www.ccfd.ca
Cybera Associations and Coalitions www.cybera.ca
Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports Associations and Coalitions www.mods.mb.ca
National Citizens Coalition Associations and Coalitions www.morefreedom.org
Ontario College of Pharmacists Associations and Coalitions www.ocpinfo.com
Operating Engineers L-904 Associations and Coalitions www.iuoe904.com
www.bryanadams.com Associations and Coalitions www.bryanadams.com
Black Cat Custom Automotive Automotive www.blackcatcustom.com
Brass Pole Motorcycle Automotive www.brasspolemotorcycle.com
Canada's Motorcycle Automotive www.canadasmotorcycle.ca
Champion Pieces d'Auto Automotive www.championpieces.com
DriveWatch Security Inc Automotive www.drivewatch.ca
Germansupply.Com Inc. Automotive www.germansupply.com
Lecavalier Auto Parts Automotive www.lecavalier.com
SG-MOTORSPORT Automotive www.sg-motorsport.com
Amazing Print Corp Books, Magazines and Newspapers www.extravalue.com
Applied Arts Inc. Books, Magazines and Newspapers www.appliedartsmag.com
Backroad Mapbooks Books, Magazines and Newspapers www.backroadmapbooks.com
Biblairie Books, Magazines and Newspapers www.biblairie.qc.ca
Editions Lapensee Books, Magazines and Newspapers www.editions-lapensee.qc.ca
Guerin Editeur Books, Magazines and Newspapers www.lidec.qc.ca
Mercier Films Books, Magazines and Newspapers www.mercierfilms.ca
Money Canada Ltd. Books, Magazines and Newspapers www.money.ca
Service Publications Books, Magazines and Newspapers www.servicepub.com
Tharpa Publications Books, Magazines and Newspapers www.tharpa.com/ca
Vigie Informatique 2000 Books, Magazines and Newspapers www.librairieinternet.com
chapters.indigo.ca Books, Magazines and Newspapers www.chapters.indigo.ca
ABACA SOLUTIONS Business and Professional Services www.abacasolutions.com/services.php
Applicant Testing Service Business and Professional Services www.applicanttesting.com
Auto Intelix Business and Professional Services www.autointelix.ca
Balle Systems Business and Professional Services www.rentmore.ca
Burmac Business Systems Ltd. Business and Professional Services www.dot-ca-registry.ca
Cameleo Photo Business and Professional Services www.cameleophoto.com
Canada Auto/Home Finder Business and Professional Services www.canadahomefinder.ca
Canada Business Business and Professional Services www.canadabusiness.ca
Canadian Powersports Group Business and Professional Services www.canadianpowersportsgroup.com
Canuck Place Children's Hospice Business and Professional Services www.canuckplace.org
Citeglobe Inc Business and Professional Services www.citeglobe.com
Communication Autologique Business and Professional Services www.marche.autologique.qc.ca
Consultants JaJa Inc Business and Professional Services www.consultantsjaja.com
Cottage Portal Business and Professional Services www.cottageportal.com
Cute Tax Inc. Business and Professional Services www.cutetax.ca
DISEGNO INC. Business and Professional Services www.industrialmedia.ca
Dilimart Co Business and Professional Services www.dilimart.com
EPardons Ltd. Business and Professional Services www.epardons.com
Effectuality Inc. Business and Professional Services www.effectuality.com
Freeland-Media Business Business and Professional Services www.freelance-media.ca
GD Sourcing Business and Professional Services www.gdsourcing.com
GNITIC Business and Professional Services www.gnitic.com
Global Educational Market Business and Professional Services www.globalresp.com
High Street Media Business and Professional Services www.therightstuffdiet.com
Hyperweb Communications Business and Professional Services www.hyperweb.ca
Integral Publishing Business and Professional Services www.divorceonline.ca
Legaldeeds.com Business and Professional Services www.legaldeeds.com
LesPAC.com Business and Professional Services www.lespac.com
Macront Inc. Business and Professional Services secure.webtax4u.ca
Manticore Media Group Business and Professional Services www.manticoremedia.com
Mint Inc. Business and Professional Services www.mintinc.ca
Motodirect Business and Professional Services www.motodirect.net/boutique
Moving Canada Systems Business and Professional Services www.movingstorage.com
My Ideal Home Business and Professional Services www.myidealhome.com
My Parent Rewards Business and Professional Services www.myparentrewards.com
Offices Marla E Schecheter Business and Professional Services www.us-immigration.bz
Online Registration Business and Professional Services www.online-registration.ca
Pizazz Promotions Business and Professional Services www.torytuckshop.com
Places4rent Inc. Business and Professional Services www.rentboard.ca
Portail Immobilier Business and Professional Services www.maisons-a-vendre.ca
Praotes Development Corp. Business and Professional Services www.praotes.net
PrivateRealEstate.ca Business and Professional Services www.privaterealestate.ca
Quikcorp Inc Business and Professional Services www.quikcorp.com
Rent Check Credit Bureau Business and Professional Services www.rentcheckcorp.com
Rince Pix Business and Professional Services www.rincepix.com
SIS Strategic Information Business and Professional Services www.sis.com
ScotiaMocatta Business and Professional Services www.scotiamocatta-estore.scotiabank.com
Sibername Business and Professional Services www.sibername.com
Sos Reseau Soleil Business and Professional Services www.sosgardienne.ca
Straight Goods News Business and Professional Services www.straightgoods.com
Surface Collective Business and Professional Services www.surfacecollective.com
TaxFreeway Business and Professional Services www.taxfreeway.ca
The Big Brain Business and Professional Services www.thebigbrain.ca
Transat Electronics Business and Professional Services www.transatelectronics.com
VersaCore Tech Designs Business and Professional Services www.versacoretechdesigns.com
Waterloo Small Business Business and Professional Services www.waterlooregionsmallbusiness.com
WebServe Canada Business and Professional Services www.webserve.ca
Zoomphoto.ca Business and Professional Services www.zoomphoto.ca
easyinsure.ca Business and Professional Services www.easyinsure.ca
filetaxonline Business and Professional Services www.filetaxonline.ca
greatcitylife.com Business and Professional Services www.greatcitylife.com
ihatecommission.com Business and Professional Services www.ihatecommission.com
liquidNRG.com Business and Professional Services www.liquidnrg.com
myiremit-idol.com Business and Professional Services www.myiremit-idol.com
Canadian Red Cross Charities and Non-profit www.redcross.ca
Catholic Family Counselling Centre of Waterloo region Charities and Non-profit www.counselling-cfcc.ca
REALTORS Care Foundation Charities and Non-profit www.realtorscareontario.ca
Winnipeg Library Foundation Charities and Non-profit www.millenniumlibrary.com
Admit Five Technologies Computers and Electronics www.admitfive.com
Axiom Audio Computers and Electronics www.axiomaudio.com
Boutique Mac Computers and Electronics www.boutiquemac.ca
CBiT Computer Boulevard Computers and Electronics www.cbit.ca
Canada Transformers Computers and Electronics www.canadatransformers.com
Client Track Computers and Electronics www.clienttrack.ca
ComTec Computers and Electronics www.comtec.ca
Directdial.com Computers and Electronics www.directdial.com
DrillDraw Computers and Electronics www.drilldraw.com
ESNG Computers and Electronics www.esng.ca
EazyPaper Computers and Electronics www.eazypaper.com
Egomedia group Computers and Electronics www.egomedia.ca
Eightside Software Computers and Electronics www.eightside.ca
Frontierpc.com Computers and Electronics www.frontierpc.com
General Aerospace Development Computers and Electronics www.quantumhyper.com
Innovationone Computers and Electronics www.innovationone.ca
Kewlgoods.com Computers and Electronics www.kewlgoods.com
Kick Gaming Computers and Electronics www.kickgaming.com
Midi Pro Enr. Computers and Electronics www.midi-pro.net
Mikes Computer Shop Computers and Electronics www.mikescomputershop.com
Modchip Inc. Computers and Electronics www.modchip.ca
NCIX.com Computers and Electronics www.NCIX.com
Only Best Rates Computers and Electronics www.onlybestrated.com
OntarioSecurityTraining Computers and Electronics www.ontariosecuritytraining.com
Portafixe Computers and Electronics www.portafixe.com
SOHO DIFFUSION Inc. Computers and Electronics www.sohodiffusion.com
The Source by Circuit City Computers and Electronics www.thesourcecc.com
Vancouver Laptop Inc. Computers and Electronics www.screencountry2.com
Winfly Informatique Computers and Electronics www.winfly.net
beDirecT Inc. Computers and Electronics www.beDirecT.ca
iphoneanywhere.com Computers and Electronics www.iphoneanywhere.com
simatechelectronics.com Computers and Electronics www.simatechelectronics.ca
BeadFX Crafts and Hobbies www.beadfx.com
Cowspot Beads Crafts and Hobbies www.cowspotbeads.com
High Tide Entertainment Crafts and Hobbies www.hightideconcerts.net
Moran Dan Productions Crafts and Hobbies www.morandan.com
Mud River Angoras Crafts and Hobbies www.mudriverangoras.com
My Scrap Shoppe Crafts and Hobbies www.myscrapshoppe.com
Robert Long Ballet Music Crafts and Hobbies www.rlongballetmusic.com
Scrap 'n Stamp Crafts and Hobbies www.scrapnstamp.ca
Stony Plain Recording Crafts and Hobbies www.stonyplainrecords.com
The Beading Room Crafts and Hobbies www.thebeadingroom.com
The Magic Apple Crafts and Hobbies www.themagicapple.ca
123InkCartridges.ca Department and Specialty Stores www.123inkcartridges.ca
911Gear.ca Department and Specialty Stores www.911gear.ca
Aren't We Naughty Department and Specialty Stores www.arentwenaughty.com
Black Sheep Gifts Department and Specialty Stores www.blacksheepgifts.com
BongoMart.com Department and Specialty Stores www.bongomart.com
Boxboxes Inc. Department and Specialty Stores www.boxboxes.com
Johnson Group Online Department and Specialty Stores www.leak-proof.com/catalog
Nightbat Entertainment Department and Specialty Stores www.nightbat.com
Pspot.ca Department and Specialty Stores www.pspot.ca
SHOPercussion Canada Department and Specialty Stores www.shopercussion.ca/store
Smoke City Department and Specialty Stores www.smokecity.ca
Stormfront Ventures Department and Specialty Stores www.jbox.ca
Technika Inkjet Inc. Department and Specialty Stores www.technika.ca
doudou bebe Department and Specialty Stores www.doudoubebe.com
Alberta College of Medical Laboratory Technologists Education www.acmlt.org
Avalon Motorsports Education www.avalonmotorsports.ca
BOAT CARD Education www.theoperatorcard.ca
Canadian Institute Of English Education www.cie.ca
Canadian School of Hydrocarbon Measurement Education www.cshm.ca
Carleton U Campus Card Education www.carleton.ca
Checklist Kids Education www.checklistkids.com
Conestoga College Education www.conestogac.on.ca
Ecole de Conduite Contact Education www.ecolecontact.com
Edmonton Public Schools Metro Continuing Education Education edmonton.augusoft.net
Edmonton Public Schools: Metro Continuing Education Education www.metrocontinuingeducation.ca
Elk Island Public Schools Education www.eips.ca
Ets Canada Education www.etscanada.ca
Glenlyon Norfolk School Education www.glenlyonnorfolk.bc.ca
Healthy Gourmet Indian Co Education www.hgic.ca
Just Jacks Poker Academy Education www.justjacks.com
Kings University College Education www.kingsu.ab.ca
MacEwan ePay Education www.macewan.ca
McMaster Student Accounts Education www.mcmaster.ca
MyLaurier Student Portal Education www.mylaurier.ca
Oralin Centre Education www.oralin.com
Pass The Wheel Education www.passthewheel.com
QUEENS ALUMNI MERCHANDISE Education www.queensu.ca
Queen's Alumni Events Education www.queensu.ca/alumni
Queen's Optional Meal Plans Education www.queensu.ca
Queen's School of Nursing Education www.nursing.queensu.ca
Queen's University Residences Education www.queensu.ca
School of Policy Studies Education www.queensu.ca/sps
TESL Ontario Education www.teslontario.org
The Operator Card Education www.theoperatorcard.ca
Toronto Institute of Bartending Education www.torontobartending.com
University of Alberta Education www.ualberta.ca
University of British Columbia Education www.ubc.ca
Vancouver Community College Education www.vcc.ca
Vubiz.Com Ltd. Education www.vubiz.com
Wilfred Laurier University Education www.laurierathletics.com
AtlantiCatch Food and Beverage www.atlanticatch.ca
Body Energy Club Food and Beverage www.bodyenergyclub.ca
Cleavers.ca Food and Beverage www.cleavers.ca
Cool Beer Food and Beverage www.coolbeer.com
Ecakes Food and Beverage www.ecakes.ca
FreshBread.ca Food and Beverage www.freshbread.ca
From Mild To Wild Hotsauce Food and Beverage www.frommildtowild.com
Gourmetbc.com Food and Beverage www.gourmetbc.com
Grocery Checkout Food and Beverage www.grocerycheckout.com
Herbcare Food and Beverage www.herb-care.com
JorDan Distributing Food and Beverage www.glutenfreepasta.ca/shop
MOMS PANTRY PRODUCTS Food and Beverage www.momspantry.ca
Mandysxp.com Food and Beverage www.mandysxp.com
NOWBC Co-operative Food and Beverage www.nowbc.ca
TerroirsQuebec Food and Beverage www.terroirsquebec.com
Western Pizza Food and Beverage www.westernpizzadelivery.com
Western Pizza Express Food and Beverage www.westernpizzadelivery.com
www.eMEALStogo.com Food and Beverage www.emealstogo.com
yummyweb.com Food and Beverage www.yummyweb.com
Boodles of Baskets Gifts and Flowers www.boodlesofbaskets.com
Brant Florist Gifts and Flowers www.brantflorist.com
Canada's Florists.com Gifts and Flowers www.canadasflorists.com
Cardswap.ca Gifts and Flowers www.cardswap.ca
Ethnogarden Botanicals Gifts and Flowers www.ethnogarden.com
Flower Artisan Gifts and Flowers www.flowerartisan.com
Gifthorse Gallery Gifts and Flowers www.gifthorsegallery.ca
GlowSpace.com Gifts and Flowers www.glowspace.com
Great Lakes Lavender Gifts and Flowers www.greatlakeslavender.com
Grenville Station Gifts and Flowers www.grenvillestation.com
O'Connor Florist Gifts and Flowers www.oconnorflorist.ca
Quebecshop.Com Gifts and Flowers www.quebecshop.com
Shippam Associates Gifts and Flowers www.hydropromo.clearetail.com
Tesco Enterprises Gifts and Flowers www.tesco-shopping.com
The Cottage Gardener Gifts and Flowers www.cottagegardener.com
The Sweet Basket Gifts and Flowers www.thesweetbasket.com
Canada Revenue Agency Government www.cra-arc.gc.ca
City of Kenora Government www.kenora.ca
GNL ePayment Government www.epayment.gov.nl.ca/ePayment
MySudbury.ca Government www.mysudbury.ca
NS Vital Statistics Government www.gov.ns.ca
Nova Scotia Municipal Payments Government www.gov.ns.ca
Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles Government www.gov.ns.ca/snsmr/rmv/
Registrar of Imported Vehicles Government www.riv.ca
Toronto Divorce Services Government www.torontodivorceservices.com
AGEOFF Health and Beauty www.ageoff.com
BARIATRIC NUTRITION Health and Beauty www.weightmanagementblvd.com
CDN Supplement Club Health and Beauty www.canadiansupplementclub.com
CanesCanada.com Health and Beauty www.canescanada.com
Caregiverlistings.com Health and Beauty www.caregiverlistings.com
CodeDesir Health and Beauty www.codedesir.com
Drugtestkits.ca Health and Beauty www.drugtestkits.ca
Firemanagement.net Health and Beauty www.firemanagement.net
Healing Hands Chair Massage Health and Beauty www.healinghandsvictoria.com
Honeyfig.com Health and Beauty www.honeyfig.com
Maison Radical Health and Beauty www.maisonradical.ca
My Vitamin Super Store Health and Beauty www.myvitaminsuperstore.com
Naturalia Health and Beauty www.madiete.net
Naturally Nova Scotia Health and Beauty www.naturallynovascotia.net/default.asp
Orchid Cellmark Health and Beauty www.orchidcellmark.ca
Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation Health and Beauty www.supportqch.ca
Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation Health and Beauty www.saskatooncityhospitalfoundation.com
Seabuckthorn Intl Health and Beauty www.seabuckthorn.com
Swizzlesticks SalonSpa Health and Beauty www.swizzlesticks.com
The Allergy Guy Health and Beauty www.theallergyguy.com
Vital Health Wares Health and Beauty www.vitalhealthwares.ca
Weight Watchers of Alberta Health and Beauty www.weightwatchersofalbertaltd.ca
Weight Watchers of Saskatchewan Health and Beauty www.weightwatchersofsaskatchewanltd.ca
Well.ca Health and Beauty www.well.ca
Westcoast Organics Health and Beauty www.westcoastorganics.com
www.snobgirls.com Health and Beauty www.snobgirls.com
AirSupply Products Home and Garden www.airsupply.ca
All Things Cedar Home and Garden www.allthingscedar.com
AquasanaCanada.com Home and Garden www.aquasanacanada.com
Canadian Home Builders' Association Home and Garden www.chbavictoria.com
Chace Candles Inc Home and Garden www.chacecandles.com
Excel Water Technologies Home and Garden www.excelwater.com
MOULURES PRESTIGE INC Home and Garden www.mouluresprestige.com
NBT Building Products Home and Garden www.nbt.ca
Oreck Canada Home and Garden www.oreckcanada.com
Plasmacool Home and Garden www.plasmacool.com
Ponds Online Home and Garden www.pondsonlinecanada.com
RBA Mechanical Home and Garden www.rbamech.ab.ca
RSC Equipment Rental Home and Garden www.rscrental.com
SPL Pro Audio Home and Garden www.splproaudio.com
ToolTown Home and Garden www.tooltown.ca
Vital Wares Home and Garden www.vitalwares.ca
Waterworks Home and Garden www.faucetfashions.com
beDigiTal Home and Garden www.bedigital.ca
2fnetworks.com Internet and Telecommunications www.2fnetworks.com
AI Tel Internet and Telecommunications www.aitel.com
AlloCanada.net Internet and Telecommunications www.AlloCanada.net
Bongo Wireless Inc. Internet and Telecommunications www.bongowireless.com
Bravo Telecom Internet and Telecommunications www.bravotelecom.com
Cyberjet Internet and Telecommunications www.cyberjet.com
DNet Telecom Internet and Telecommunications www.dnettelecom.ca
Hawklink Communications Internet and Telecommunications www.hawklink.ca
Kleardistancecall.comk Internet and Telecommunications www.kleardistancecall.com
MTS Allstream Inc. Internet and Telecommunications www.mts.ca
Markways Inc. Internet and Telecommunications www.markways.com
Mercuri Teleconferencing Internet and Telecommunications www.mercuri.ca
Mobile604.com Internet and Telecommunications www.mobile604.com
Monophone Inc. Internet and Telecommunications www.monophone.ca
Our Day Weddings Internet and Telecommunications www.ourdayweddings.com
Petro Canada Internet and Telecommunications www.pcmobilitysite.com
Rogers Wireless Internet and Telecommunications www.rogers.com
Sasktel Internet and Telecommunications www.sasktel.ca
Setaia.com Internet and Telecommunications www.setaia.com
Spa Wide Internet and Telecommunications www.spawide.com
Superior Gadgets Internet and Telecommunications www.superiorgadgets.com
Telus Prepaid Top Up Internet and Telecommunications www.telusmobility.com
VPSVille Internet and Telecommunications www.vpsville.ca
Virgin Mobile Internet and Telecommunications www.virginmobile.ca
Wild TV Internet and Telecommunications www.wildtv.ca
Atlantic Lottery Corporation Leisure and Entertainment www.alc.ca
British Columbia Lottery Corporation Leisure and Entertainment www.bclc.com
BustLoose.com Leisure and Entertainment www.bustloose.com
Calgary Fringe Festival Leisure and Entertainment www.calgaryfringe.ca
Cineplex Entertainment Leisure and Entertainment www.cineplex.com
ClubCrawlers.com Leisure and Entertainment www.clubcrawlers.com
Full Moon Adventure Leisure and Entertainment www.fmij.com
Get Tickets Leisure and Entertainment www.gettickets.ca
K-W Oktoberfest Leisure and Entertainment www.oktoberfest.ca
Moving Box Cinema Leisure and Entertainment www.moving-box-cinema.com
Newfoundland & Labrador Snowmobile Federation Leisure and Entertainment nlsf.snowmobilepermits.com
TicketOPS Online Tickets Leisure and Entertainment www.ticket-ops.com
TicketPicket Ltd. Leisure and Entertainment www.ticketpicket.com
Ticketbreak Leisure and Entertainment www.ticketbreak.com
Ticketgateway inc Leisure and Entertainment www.ticketgateway.com
Toronto Lindy Hop Leisure and Entertainment www.torontolindyhop.com
Trepanier Originals Leisure and Entertainment www.trepanieroriginals.com
WestJetEvents.ca Leisure and Entertainment www.westjet.com
Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) Miscellaneous www.albertarecycling.ca
CDSPI Miscellaneous www.cdspi.com
Canadian Knife and Sword Store Miscellaneous www.knifezone.ca
Crazy Cool Buttons Miscellaneous www.crazycoolbuttons.com
DCR STRATEGIES Miscellaneous www.trucash.com
Debitway Miscellaneous www.debitway.ca
GRUB CANADA Miscellaneous www.grubcanada.com
Just Eat Canada Inc. Miscellaneous www.just-eat.ca
Marsh Insurance Miscellaneous www.marsh.ca
PACE Savings & Credit Union Ltd. Miscellaneous www.pacecu.com
SECURE ONLINE SYSTEMS Miscellaneous client.webpardons.com
SENTINEL SELF STORAGE Miscellaneous www.sentinel.ca
SPC Card Miscellaneous www.spccard.ca
TCS Printing Miscellaneous www.javapackaging.ca
ThisCity.com Miscellaneous www.thiscity.com
Empire Theatres Limited Music and Movies www.empiretheatres.com
High 4 Records Inc. Music and Movies www.high4records.com
Indigo Books & Music Inc. Music and Movies www.chapters.indigo.ca
5 Days for the Homeless Online Communities www.5days.ca
Eureka Group Online Communities www.eureka3.com
Habbo Hotel Online Communities www.habbohotel.ca
High Impact Promotions Online Communities www.hookups101.ca
ICI World Online Communities www.iciworld.net
Kiss and Talk Online Communities www.kissandtalk.com
Lavalife Online Communities www.lavalife.ca
Nexopia Online Communities www.nexopia.com
Online Buddies Inc. Online Communities www.manhunt.net
The Canadian Abilities Foundation Online Communities www.abilities.ca
The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists Online Communities www.oacett.org
Treasures Publications Online Communities www.treasuresbook.ca
BugOrder.com Pets and Pet Supplies www.bugorder.com
Canadapets Ltd Pets and Pet Supplies www.canadapets.com
Canadian Gun Dog Supply Pets and Pet Supplies www.canadiangundogsupply.com
Jungle Wear Birdie Diaper Pets and Pet Supplies www.diapersforbirds.com
POOOHBUSTERS Pets and Pet Supplies www.pooohbusters.com
Petthings-N-More Pets and Pet Supplies www.petthingsnmore.ca
Information Swedenborg Religious www.swedenborg.ca
Kenneth Copeland Ministries Religious www.kcmcanada.ca
Women Alive Religious www.womenalive.org
3 Ride BMX Sports and Fitness www.3ride.com
Airdrie Minor Hockey Association Sports and Fitness www.airdriehockey.ca
Altitude Sports Sports and Fitness www.altitude-sports.com
Barrie Trojan Swim Club Sports and Fitness www.barrieswimming.ca
Body Buster Fitness Sports and Fitness www.bodybusterfitness.com
Calgary Field Lacrosse Sports and Fitness www.calgaryfieldlacrosse.com
Calgary Hornets Lacrosse Club Sports and Fitness www.hornetslacrosse.com
Chinooks Soccer Association Sports and Fitness www.chinooksoccer.com
Dacane Surf Shop Sports and Fitness www.dacanesurfshop.com
Flamborough Soccer Club Sports and Fitness www.flamboroughsoccer.com
Goalline Sports Admin Sports and Fitness www.goalline.ca
Grassroots Hockey League Sports and Fitness www.grassrootshockey.ca
Hatashita International Sports and Fitness www.hatashita.com
HorsePlayer Interactive Sports and Fitness www.horseplayerinteractive.com
Mountain Equipment Co-op Sports and Fitness www.mec.ca
Ottawa Pole Fitness Sports and Fitness www.ottawapolefitness.com
Rugby Canada Sports and Fitness www.rugbycanada.com
Signal Hill Soccer Sports and Fitness www.signalhillsoccer.com
Superleagues Sports and Fitness www.superleagues.ca
Tips Proshop Sports and Fitness www.tipsproshop.ca
Toronto Ultimate Club Sports and Fitness www.tuc.org
Transition BMX Sports and Fitness www.bmxtransition.com
bikebasement Sports and Fitness www.bikebasement.ca
Electrobee Toys and Games www.electrobee.com
Jogo Canada Toys and Games www.jogocanada.com
Moonjar Canada Toys and Games www.moonjar.ca
My Gaming Mart Toys and Games www.mygamingmart.com
Airflight Services Transportation www.airflightservices.com
Sky Limo Transportation www.skylimo.ca
Symphony Charter Bus Inc. Transportation www.symphonybus.com
Via Rail Canada Transportation www.viarail.ca
VitalConnex Transportation www.vitalconnex.com
Bike On Tours Travel and Accomodations www.bikeontours.on.ca
Campus Vacations Travel and Accomodations www.campusvacations.com
Riverrun Whitewater Resort Travel and Accomodations www.riverrunners.com

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