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Going Global
Imagine your customer service counter extending into almost every home in the world to over 1.6 billion customers through one bank network and payment gateway.

Australia Austria Belgium
Canada Germany Mexico
Netherlands Philippines Poland
Sweden Switzerland UK
Full List of Banks More countries to come soon... is a recognized leader in online payment solutions and implementing Financial Services applications. It is an innovative company focused on providing an alternative to the existing payment processing market place. This is done by simplifying and streamlining the client's ability to pay for goods and services over the Internet using their existing Financial Services provider.

As payment systems and infrastructure become increasingly complex, many companies will seek service providers to deliver all the basic infrastructure components - bundled in a way that they can be obtained and paid for in simple terms. is pleased to introduce a payment platform specifically aimed for the International Community. The development and operation of an innovative infrastructure will allow merchant and consumers to access a National Payment Network (NPN) for online purchases made with their own bank issued debit cards in real time in several global debit Networks World Wide.

Make your online banking offer more attractive allows your customers to directly pay with their online banking account in several countries throughout Europe and North America which allows you to always maintain a competitive edge in your respective market place.

Increase your market reach with our unique and flexible platform which allows your customers to use their own online banking service to shop at your website and make payments in real time from almost anywhere in the world.
Can anyone pay using DebitWay?
As long as customer has a bank account with a financial institution that is recognized by our debit network he/she can transmit funds using our innovative payment platform.

How does work? is secure, convenient and easy to use! It works with the customer's existing online banking service, and there is nothing to download or install on your computer:
  1. Shop for goods and services at an online merchant.
  2. Select DebitWay when you are ready to pay.
  3. Select the Financial Institution that you want to pay from.
  4. Login to online banking with your usual user ID and password.
  5. Approve the payment to complete your purchase.
  6. Click “return to merchant”
  7. You're done!

When will the Merchant receive my transaction details?
When you pay using online banking - your payments are made in real time - that means the Merchant will also be notified in real time! Your purchases will be delivered without delay!