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Risk Free Solution
Each transaction processed is a guaranteed payment settlement with no claw backs.

In today's E-commerce landscape, credit card processing has become a risky business and a liability to your bottom line. For your customers, it's the fear their information, stored on your servers, might be "hacked" and their identity is compromised by technologically sophisticated thieves. For you, it is the reality of always falling vulnerable to the compliances and policies set forth by the credit card companies on a monthly basis.

DebitWay offers the INTERAC® Online Payment solution that allows your customers to use their own bank account to purchase your products online. Your customers will enjoy trusted and reliable electronic banking convenience in real time through every transaction processed over the Internet.

INTERAC® Online can also substantially lower the number of fraudulent charges and charge backs your business has to absorb. By offering your customers to pay through INTERAC® Online the entire transaction is secure and encrypted. You never require your customer's card information online. It's more secure for them and less of a liability for you.

With DebitWay your customers feel more secure when they shop on your site. Conversely, you benefit with lower transaction fees and reduced fraudulent purchases. This empowers you to keep more of what you make -- a real difference for your bottom line.

It's simple. It's secure. It's easy. It's the DebitWay!