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Customer Confidence
DebitWay maintains strict rules to ensure the security of transactions processed through the banking platform. Finally Customers no longer are forced to have to enter their personal or credit card information to make an online payment.

The functionality, authenticity and quality of an Internet purchase cannot be truly known until both the merchant & consumer are verified and authenticated.

Allowing customers to pay with their debit bank card is not an option, it has now become a requirement. DebitWay makes it easier and more convenient for consumers to pay for their purchases by offering customers the most flexible way to pay by using their debit bank card.

DebitWay provides a payment gateway allowing customers to clear most issued bank cards globally against very competitive rates. With DebitWay, a customer authorizes a merchant to automatically retrieve payments directly from their checking or savings account for deposit in your DebitWay account. This saves time & money, and eliminates the need for customers to write and mail in checks or submit sensitive credit card information over the web.

We strive to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction in the payment processing industry. At DebitWay, we understand that customer satisfaction and loyalty is achieved when the company's employees work as a team to achieve this goal. We dedicate ourselves in building the highest quality security services, respond to customers' needs on time, and ensure that each and every new security service that we offer has more value than those presently offered by our competitors.

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