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Credit Cards Are Not the Only Kind of Online Payment Cards Anymore!

The functionality, authenticity and quality of an Internet purchase cannot be truly known until both the merchant and consumer are verified and authenticated. Allowing customers to pay with their debit bank card is not an option, it has now become a requirement. Make it easier and more convenient for consumers to pay for their purchases by offering your customers the most flexible way to pay by using their debit bank card.

At Debitway.com, we recognize that our customers' merchant services needs differ. That's why we provide many Value-Added services such as debit bank card payment, making sure that your needs are met with the kind of solutions that will help keep your business competitive as easy as 1, 2, 3,4.

1. Increase Your Sales
Giving your customers another way to pay for their purchases helps boost the average sale. Industry research indicates that the ability to accept debit cards increases revenue by as much as 300% percent. Broadening your scope of payment methods makes your services or products more readily available to current and potential customers. A main reason debit cards are so popular is that they are convenient. Customers have the power to make purchases that they deem necessary even though they don't have the cash on hand; and they appreciate the option of an additional convenient way to pay.

2. Lower Your Costs
Accepting bank debit cards helps streamline operational costs and cuts down on overhead by eliminating the need to send bills and manage account receivables. For starters, it is often less expensive to process debit cards than to process credit cards or accepting checks.

3. Enhance Your Business Image
By accepting bank cards, you and your company gain valuable creditability in the eyes of both current and potential customers. Once you start accepting electronic payments, you can state that you accept bank cards and include the appropriate card logos and decals at your place of business or on your business cards, brochures, or website.

4. Good Funds Cash model
The financial institution authenticates the consumer and withdraws funds from the consumer's account in real time. The merchant will know instantly that the funds are good, so you can fulfill the order right away, with confidence.

The main difference between traditional online payment processing such as credit cards and processing directly through the bank networks is that all transactions are cash payments and you are no longer dealing with credit. The money is automatically deducted safely from the client's bank account at their financial Institution and deposited in your Debitway.com merchant account.

When you join Debitway, you become part of a network whose members work co-operatively to keep debit payment services the most used, trusted and reliable methods of electronic payment Globally.

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