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Merchant Benefits
Providing your customers with the INTERAC® Online payment option increases your potential opportunities for sales. It allows your customers to make direct payments from their bank account to their favourite online merchants, all from the comfort of their own home with the utmost security.

Attracts new markets
INTERAC® Online and Debitway opens up a world of online shopping for consumers who:
Increases sales
Giving consumers an additional payment option may lead to higher conversion rates when they checkout.

Good Funds model
The financial institution authenticates the consumer and withdraws funds from the consumer's account in real time. The merchant will know instantly that the funds are good, so you can fulfill the order right away, with confidence.

The main difference between traditional online payment processing such as credit cards and processing through INTERAC® Online (IOP) is that all transactions are cash payments and you are no longer dealing with credit. The money is automatically deducted safely from the client's bank account at their financial Institution and deposited in your DebitWay merchant account.

When you join DebitWay, you become part of a network whose members work co-operatively to keep debit payment services the most used, trusted and reliable methods of electronic payment in North America.

Merchants Benefits