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How It Works
DebitWay offers merchants INTERAC® Online Payment services, which allow consumers to pay for goods and services online, directly from their own bank account in real time, with the utmost security and confidence.

INTERAC® Online Payment (IOP) is simply another payment option offered to the consumer at checkout. When a customer chooses INTERAC® Online as a payment option, he is automatically redirected to Interacs website, where he chooses his participating bank. INTERAC® redirects the customer to the same login page that he uses for his regular online banking transactions. During the redirection, transaction details (usually the total value and invoice number) are relayed to the consumer's bank along a parallel, secure network. Once logged in with his usual user name and password, the customer is presented with the transaction details. Whether the consumer accepts or declines the transaction, in both cases, he is automatically returned to the merchant's website. If the consumer declined the transaction, he is invited to complete the transaction by another available payment option.

If the customer approves the transaction, the relevant details are forwarded to DebitWay by the merchant for confirmation. DebitWay, in turn, forwards the transaction details to the customers bank for confirmation. The customer's bank can either confirm or deny the transaction to DebitWay, which will relay the bank's response to the merchant. Finally, the merchant can confirm that the transaction is complete, and can fulfill his obligation to the consumer.

Please Note: The above process description has been greatly simplified in the interest of brevity. While the actual process is complex, the time to complete a transaction requires a few seconds!


The customer chooses the INTERAC® Online payment option at the Merchants website

The customer is then re-directed to their online financial institution and confirms the payment information

The customer is then re-directed back to the merchants website with the payment status

INTERAC® Online's high security is possible by using the consumers existing relationship with her bank and by using INTERAC® Direct's existing and proven payment network.

One of the main benefits of the INTERAC® Online service is the separation of shopping and paying. The consumer is taken to his or her financial institution to make the payment so that the consumer does not have to enter any account information on the merchant's website. Many studies show that consumers are concerned about sharing financial information or account details with online merchants.

In the INTERAC® Online payment flow, the consumer's web browser is automatically directed back to the merchant website once the payment is made. In the event that the consumer is unable to or decides not to authorize the payment during the online banking session, they are still returned to the merchant website, allowing the customer to continue the checkout process