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DebitWay - Get Access to every financial Institution in North America

Most internet consumers have a credit card and most have a debit card...  but ALL have at least one checking account and often times more than one.  DebitWay E-CHECK payment processing options will:

There is nothing more ingrained in a consumers mind than writing a check.  E-CHECKS are natural evolution of one of the world’s oldest transaction methods. allows you to continue completing transactions the way consumers have been comfortably doing for decades.

EFT - Canadian Consumers

DebitWay’s Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) grants merchants the ability to accept e-Checks from ALL Canadian consumers with a valid checking account from ALL Canadian Financial Institutions.

DebitWay's EFT opens the doors to a flood of potential transactions as well as a deluge of potential new consumers.

With well over 700 Credit Unions in Canada, all of them affording their clients checking accounts, DebitWay EFT is the ideal way these potential eConsumers can pay for their internet transaction.  Not all Canadian Banks subscribe to online Direct Debit transactions and few Canadian Credit Unions do as well.  With DebitWay's EFT, anyone with a checking account can be YOUR client.

EFT has simplified buying and selling on the Internet. Funds can be sent between accounts in real time. For example, if you sell something or offer a service online, you can track the payment(s) made to you by verifying that the money has been deposited into your account, moments after the transaction is made. A paper check could have taken five days.

ACH - American Consumers

DebitWay's Automated Clearing House (ACH) grants merchants the ability to accept e-Checks from ALL American consumers with a valid checking account from ALL American Financial Institutions.

DebitWay's ACH gives merchants the ability to accept e-Checks from any consumer who holds a valid checking account in the United States.

The Federal Reserve System reports that the number of ACH transactions grew at an annual rate of 5.1 percent from 2009 to 2012, resulting in 22.1 billion payments in 2012.  With an ever growing number of ACH transactions, you simply cannot afford to neglect DebitWay’s ACH payment option.

ACH Network: Quick Facts