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Key Facts

Identification of potential confidential information security breaches

Preliminary screening and risk assessment

Investigative and task management

Collaboration with internal and external stakeholders

Breach response plan management

Affected party notification process

On-demand management - highest security standards
Since launching many million transactions have been securely processed. There has been not one single PIN/TAN data fraud case has occurred (damaging a customer/buyer, who has entered PIN and TAN in our system). In fact, belongs to the safest payment systems on the internet.

DebitWay is a complete fraud management service for ATM Bank Card (ABC) transactions. It provides real-time risk management responses in less than a second and exceeds your customer's needs for fast and secure card acceptance.

Partnering with the most reliable payment processor in the industry, you can be assured that you have joined a team with extensive experience and managerial skills. We join forces to provide our clients with an extended suite of payment processing products, services, and support.

DebitWay continues to deliver exceptional efficiency, value and results to retailers and financial institutions of all size, when issuing private-label and general-use of ATM and debit cards. This unequalled level of experience and expertise, coupled with the most powerful and flexible processing system, creates end-to-end Card Issuing Solutions for every stage of your customer lifecycle.

DebitWay is a total payment management company specializing in e-commerce and ATM Debit Card order payment solutions. We offer a secure environment for your Customer Service Representatives to perform, and for you to view, a high-volume of transactions. DebitWay provides management of secure, multi-channel, payment ability with reporting, back-office services, and full support to help you meet your volume objectives.

We help strengthen your customer relationship which keeps your business growing strong. Our unique blend of experience, information processing and expert intelligence can help your business create efficient, long-term risk management strategies as well as short-term, day-to-day tactics.

As a leading incident management solutions provider in Bank card processing, DebitWay has expanded its process and workflow management tool to assist organizations with:

1. Security thanks to secure online banking procedures. The most important reason for to be so secure are the online banking procedures themselves. While paying with a debit or credit card works without or with only one password online banking procedures throughout Europe mostly work based on a 2-step authentication process: 2. No merchant has access to your data. The whole payment procedure is performed within the secure online payment form of No merchant has access to any kind of confidential data (such as PIN and TAN). Therefore your confidential information can't be used or manipulated by any third party.