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Bundle all payment options in DebitWay's Master Merchant Control Panel

The Bundle - DebitWay Makes managing your payment options a breeze.

DebitWay's Master Merchant Control Panel takes all of the tedious, time consuming and exhausting aspects of managing your payment processing accounts and packages it into 1 simple, intuitive and user-friendly panel.

More often than not, Merchants are forced to deal with numerous Payment Service Providers (PSP) because one may offer a payment method that another does not. In so doing, a merchant is forced to catalogue a litany of accounts, user names and password.

Not With DebitWay!

DebitWay groups up all payment methods in one place, creating a Bundle:

Whereas in the past you would have needed to log into each respective payment method individually, ascertain the amounts incoming, log out and then into another payment method, ascertain the balance there, rinse and repeat for each payment method you employed and then combine them all on a separate sheet in order to establish your business’s grand total. DebitWay has put an end to all of that.

With DebitWay's Master Merchant Control panel you


The simplicity and beauty of DebitWay's Master Merchant Control Panel and Payment processing Bundle is not that it groups everything you need in one place, it is that is makes your life easier BY grouping everything you need in one place.

If you have been approved for 1 payment processing method, then you can be approved for all of them without having to go through the application process all over again. Your MASTER account is screened the first time, from there on out every additional payment option you request is automatically approved.