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Shop online and pay directly from your bank account
Offered by hundreds of merchants for online payments, INTERAC® Online allows you to pay for your purchases easily, directly from your bank account. Whether you’re ordering dinner, looking for a gift for a special someone, or treating yourself to that brand new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, INTERAC® Online is an immediate, secure, and easy-to-use online payment method. All you need is access to online banking through a Participating Financial Institution. Payments made with INTERAC® Online are conducted through the convenience of your existing online banking access, without requiring you to create any new user names, passwords or accounts.


Interac Online offers you privacy and security

When you pay for online purchases with INTERAC® Online, none of your financial details, such as online banking information, is shared with the merchant or any third parties. Your payment is completed through your financial institution, who settles with the merchant using established and secure banking procedures.

INTERAC® Online also helps you better manage your finances. You pay immediately using available funds from your bank account, unlike credit cards where you may owe more later.

Offer Interac Online to your customers today

Are you a merchant interested in offering INTERAC® Online to your customers? Your first step is to contact a participating acquirer or payment service provider.

How INTERAC® Online works

When you choose to pay with INTERAC® Online, you will be guided through these simple steps when you're ready to checkout:

  • The online merchant’s checkout page will redirect you to the INTERAC® Online gateway page, prompting you to select your financial institution.
  • Login to online banking and select the account you want to pay from. You will be prompted to confirm the payment amount.
  • Upon confirmation of your payment through your financial institution’s secure online banking, you will be returned to the merchant’s checkout confirmation page, where your order will be processed.
Participating Financial Institutions
The following financial institutions are currently offering the INTERAC® Online service: