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Key Facts

The Payment Poll responders would each spend between $100 to more than $1000 more per year if better payment options were available online, which, based on over 15 million active online buyers, translates to over $15 billion of lost revenue opportunity for digital merchants.

A majority of consumers (80%) indicated a willingness to spend more online if given safe, convenient payment options beyond the credit card. More choice in payment options was the overwhelming driver of purchase behavior by a three to one margin over improved content and by a six to one margin over more affordable broadband access.

Debit card transactions are the future of online payments!
Fast Delivery

The main difference between traditional credit card processing and processing debit cards through the banking network is that the transactions are cash payments and you are no longer dealing with credit. The money is automatically deducted safely from the client's card and deposited in your account.

With banking network, customers are just seconds away from sending an instant payment directly into your account. By using their own bank card and entering in the personal identification number (PIN) themselves, the customer feels just as comfortable as if they were withdrawing money from their local ATM machine, all from the comfort of their own home!

Clients have much greater confidence in using their own bank account for a direct transfer because they know their card information is not being viewed or stored by anyone, and only they know their PIN. With credit cards customers worry that their info may be used for fraudulent purchases. This is not at all possible with debit cards. Transactions are 100% secure and are verified and processed instantly.

When you join the, you become part of a network whose members work co-operatively to keep debit payment services the most used, trusted and reliable methods of electronic payment in North America.

Merchants Benefits

  • Real-time transactions mean the money is deducted instantaneously from the customer's bank account.
  • No charge backs!
  • Lower discount rates.
  • Instant cash payments
  • Lower your cost and increase your sales by 300%
  • Take advantage of millions of customers with no Credit Card.
  • Get settled sooner than later
  • Offer your customers the preferred way to pay.
  • Higher consumer loyalty bank network allows your customers to make direct payments from their bank account to their favourite online merchants, all from the comfort of their own home with the utmost security.

Customers Benefit Safer to use than a credit card

No more worrying about who is viewing their information - their information is never entered online! Customers no longer need to enter sensitive information such as their card information online.and the info is not viewed or stored by anyone, and cannot be compromised.